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TMT 's ISO 9001:2015 Compliance Document

Tennessee Machine Tool 

Quality Management System 

ISO 9001:2015 Compliance 

1.0 General 

The implementation of a quality management system is a strategic decision for Tennessee Machine Tool to help improve a recurring process of excellent performance and provide sustainable development initiatives. 

The potential benefits for Tennessee Machine Tool implementing a quality management system based on this International Standard 9001:2015 are: 

  • a) the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet and exceed customer regulatory requirements; 
  • b) facilitating opportunities to enhance continuous improvement; 
  • • c) the ability to demonstrate conformity to specified quality management system requirements.

The quality management system requirements specified are complementary to requirements for products and services of the International Standard 9001:2015 

This quality management system employs a process approach identified by the International Standard, which implements the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle. 

The PDCA approach enables Tennessee Machine Tool to plan its processes and their interactions providing the ability to support continuous quality improvements. 


2.0 Quality Management Principles 

Tennessee Machine Tool’s quality management principles described is based on the principles in ISO 9001:2015. The descriptions include a statement of each principle, a rationale of why the principle is important for Tennessee Machine Tool and some examples of benefits associated with the principle. 

Tennessee Machine Tool quality management principles are: 



  •  — transparent communication; 
  •  — process approach; 
  •  — continuous improvement; 
  • — data derived decision making 
  • — customer service excellence

2.1 Customer Service Excellence 

Tennessee Machine Tool utilizes a customer relations management software to bench mark the performance of the products and services provided. The management of customer relations supplies Tennessee Machine Tool the ability to create a portfolio of orders, estimates, drawings, and standard operating procedures for each end user to consistently meet customer regulatory requirements. 

2.2 Transparent Communication 

Tennessee Machine Tool is committed to transparent processes and communication. By practicing our core value of transparent communication, customers have information like lead times, back orders, tracking information, inventory levels, etc. in real time. 

2.3 Process Approach 

Tennessee Machine Tool utilizes a process approach by supplying all team members with a standard operating procedure handbook. With in the standard operating procedure handbook, the process of each procedure is identified. Estimates, sales order, purchase orders, returns, credits, test tools, inventory management, stocking agreements, new customer procedure, credit card processing, customer credit application, integrates supply accounts, regrinds, and repair are all process driven actions that Tennessee Machine Tool provide utilizing standard operating procedure handbook. 

2.4 Continuous Improvement 

Tennessee Machine Tool is dedicated to providing continuous improvement internally and externally. Technical knowledge, inventory management, cycle time improvement, materials management, soft cost savings, and integrated supply support are areas that Tennessee Machine Tool strives to improve on a continuous basis.

2.5 Data Derived Decision Making 

Tennessee Machine Tool uses data as the primary decision-making strategy. Tooling improvements, inventory, stock purchases, minimum and maximum order quantity, tooling solutions, and territory management decisions are driven by data. 

3.0 Schematic Representation of the Elements of a Single Process 

4.0 Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle 

The PDCA cycle is applied to all processes and procedures within the quality management systems to establish the support for the resources needed to deliver in accordance with the customers regulatory requirements. 

  • Plan: all resources distributed by Tennessee Machine Tool are manufactured by an ISO 9001:2015 certified supplier. Tennessee Machine Tool and suppliers provide documentation such as packing slip, invoice, tracking information, freight terms, etc. at each check point of a single process transaction to ensure the receiver of distributed resources are accurate and timely according to the regulatory requirements of each customer. 
  • Do: Tennessee Machine Tool implements the plan by daily confirming accuracy of received resources both in house and drop shipped. Customer receivers are provided all necessary information to confirm accuracy of resources prior to receiving. 
  • Check: Tennessee Machine Tool executes a weekly audit of all orders and immediately contacts any customer in the event of nonconformance in resource, lead time, freight terms, etc. 
  • Act: in the event of nonconformance in resource, Tennessee Machine Tool will contact the supplier immediately for shipment of correct resource. Extended lead times will be communicated to all customers and expedited with the supplier of delayed resource. In the event of a mistake by supplier or distributor, a credit will be issued promptly, and corrective action taken immediately